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Applications for the 2019 season are closed and all vendor spaces are full. If you’re interested in being a vendor in 2020, please leave your email address so we can send you updates next year!

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Vendor FAQs

What are the Holiday Pop-Up Shops?

The Holiday Pop-Up Shops are a concept to bring independent retailers to Downtown OKC. The event has four sessions between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Individual shops are open for only one session out of the five during the holiday season, exposing customers to as many local shops as possible. Shops get the benefit of selling merchandise and advertising their year-round shop to a new group of customers.

What are the dates for the 2019 Holiday Pop-Up Shops?

Session 1: Nov. 29 - Dec. 1

Session 2: Dec. 5-8

Session 3: Dec. 12-15

Session 4: Dec. 19-22

Please note that with Thanksgiving falling on a later date this year, we only have four weekends instead of five between Black Friday and Christmas. This means significantly less space available for shops. 

What is each shop responsible for managing?

Each shop will manage their own shop, including point of sale and employees. OKC Pop-Ups will handle the marketing and management of the event as a whole, but will not be providing any staffing or assistance to individual shop operations.

Can you describe the Shop structures (domes)?

• We use our iconic geodesic dome structures that resemble snow globes. The structures are 20’ in diameter, 300 square feet of floor area, 12 ft ceiling height in center of dome. There are six available for rent every weekend.

• Domes are rated for 80+ mph wind rating, 20 lbs of snow per square inch.

• All domes have plywood flooring and will be watertight/snow tight.

• The frame of each structure is white powder coated and will allow shops to hang items from the ceiling and sides.

What does OKC Pop-Ups provide with the Dome?

• Each dome will get up to 2 LED spot lights. You will need to provide your space with additional lighting.

• Domes have a locking exterior glass door. OKC Pop-Ups staff will lock and unlock domes for shops daily.

• Your brand will be installed on a sign in front of your dome.

• All domes are heated.

• Protected wi-fi will be available to shops.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a $20 fee to apply. The fee is non-refundable.

How much does it cost to rent a dome for a session of the Holiday Pop-Up Shops?

Full domes are $1,000 + 10% of sales over $10,000.

Half domes are $575 + 10% of sales over $5,750.

Is there security?

We hire security while shops are installed. You will not need to load out in the evenings, but you will need to remove any cash or computer equipment.

Shop locations:

The OKC Pop-Ups team will determine shop locations within the village, but partnerships for shared domes can be indicated on the application.

How are Shops selected?

A juried process will be used to select this year’s shops. Preference will be given to shops with an existing brick & mortar location and shops interested in opening a brick & mortar location in 2020. Due to scheduling and dome space, not all shops may be able to be placed this year. Shops with more open availability have a higher chance of being selected for this season. The goal for shop selection is that customers are excited and see new shops and products every year.

Payment Plans:

We are accepting payment plans for dome rental again this year. There is a 5% fee for selecting the payment plan. Full payments are due August 31st. Payment plans require monthly payments, the final of which is due October 31st.


You will need to provide a certificate of insurance for your dome rental. You will also need to make sure that your merchandise is covered under your business insurance. The Holiday Pop-Up Shops are not responsible for your merchandise.

Are the shops allowed to set up more than one weekend?

Not typically.

Is the event insured?

Yes, we provide event insurance, but the shops are responsible to insure their merchandise.

How many domes will there be? How will they be set up on the property?

We have six domes. The domes will be nestled in a semicircle village facing 10th Street.